We FIGHT CHILD P0RN0GRAPHY. To deliver our message we often use adu1t web-sites or web-sites pretending to contain child p0rn0graphy. We think that’s best method of finding people addicted to this content, people who need to seek help before their addiction ruins their lives. Not everyone likes our method, but it simply works and we get our message through. STOP CHILD P0RN0GRAPHY ON THE INTERNET!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


This Blog previously contained child p0rn0graphy such as photos of Indonesian school girls. Thanks to our actions, all this content and links to p0rn0graphy web-sites have been removed. You can also help stop child p0rn0graphy and protect Indonesian children from abuse, ped0ph1lia and exploitation. If you find any web-site containing child p0rn0graphy, please send link (URL) to the site in the comment. We will make sure those responsible get the punishment they deserve.

Remember! Child Pornography is illega1. If you are involved in downloading or distributing child p0rn0graphy, you are running a serious legal risk! Many people who download child p0rnography materials are addicted to it and if you feel you may be addicted click here and seek help. Don't let it destroy your life.

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